The Story of Coralee

Ethically Sourced Crystals | Local Hand-Crafted Gifts | Well-Being Products | Books / CDs shipped within the UK

Organic Sustainable Fashion shipped internationally.

Coralee is a Mother & Daughter Founded Creation from the UK:-

What you see here is just the seed to, hopefully, many beautiful Right Living Experiences to come.

There are many other dreams, hopes and wishes for what we would like Coralee to become -

Please enjoy our Goal/Mission Statement below 

Hollie Lovett

Daughter, Hollie Cora is the architect & creative designer of this website & the other e-commerce systems within Coralee.

She is all about the animal well-fare and hopes to one day have a horse and dog sanctuary rehab centre.

From a very early age she has loved to craft and wants to help others find an easy way to craft too.

Hollie Cora is the Artisan of many of the Hand-Crafted items available in Coralee's Emporium. 

Louise Ann

Mum, Louise Ann, is a trained holistic natural healthcare & Well Being Practitioner. She believes in organic gardening & clean-living, having learnt through the healing journey, the importance of toxin free soil & food, and that great thoughts create great feelings, which in turn, create great actions. Louise supports the  web uploads & maintenance, social media and promos, accounting & stock, side of this creative team. She, also, writes the blog for Coralee's Pure Positive Clothing 

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