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Thank you so much for viewing our online HOME HUB site.

Hollie & Louise, having been inspired by  ‘Right Living Goals’  for years and consciously choosing the way we make a living is one of them.

Environmental & Planetary issues are close to our hearts.

The care of plants, animals &, of course, people and community, through the care of the Earth’s soil, Water, Air and Minerals, is important to us.

Our underlying Philosophy is - let's not leave it to someone else, for some other time.  

NOW Is Where the Good Life Starts

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Coralee's Recycled Packaging Philosophy

We currently package our products in reused, recycled paper,/bubble wrap, packets or boxes, where-ever possible.

It may not look fancy but no unnecessary environmental toxins were further created to get your parcel to you.

Our Invoices and printed flyers are made from FSC or recycled paper.

We kindly, ask our Customers to remember to recycle, in whatever way best suits them, the packaging we have sent.

What cannot be put into their council recycling system, we hope and encourage them to re-use.

We are, also, more than happy if they could be so dedicated, to pass on any bubble wrap or packets that cannot yet be commercially recycled, either back to ourselves next we meet, or to others that can make good reuse out of them.  We have no need to buy new plastic packaging.

As, and when, we run out of our saved packaging materials, we source bio-degradable, environmentally sustainable materials, instead. We hope you like our recycled & eco packaging philosophy.

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Coralee's Still-Lovable Philosophy

Like many people we have some "no good to us" items.

Instead of throwing them away perfectly useable, to end up prematurely on a land fill site, or float off to the oceans, we decided to add some CHOOSE2REUSE Collections to our online Emporium store.


This includes donations from others like baby clothes, and consumables - print cartridges & water filters, repaired or improved still-lovable jewellery etc. 

We won't know exactly what until it comes to us.

baby things

We get given books too -


Check out our SENDABOOK SCHEME over at Coralee's Emporium under Community

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Coralee's Eco Partners


We believe in recycling, reusing, upcycling and cleaning up the planet so we want to bring you products from partners with the same ethos. Why use new virgin materials when there is so much waste scattered around our planet that we can use instead?

With this philosophy in mind:-

  • We are Resellers for Circular&Co who are an award-winning company who design and make in the UK, pioneering and beautiful eco products for on the go, the home and the garden, all made with recycled waste materials.


"All the simple, easy, economic waste streams of the world have been solved with established infrastructures yet recycling rates still hover around 43%. Global brands and waste management companies recognise we now need to innovate more than ever. New closed loop circular economy solutions are needed to open up new markets and create new demand for waste. This is why we work with all companies, large or small, to research and develop new products and get them to market." - Circular&Co

  • We collaborate with a leading U.K., organic clothing brand Rapanui Clothing, through their commercial print-on-demand system for our Circular Economy Organic Cotton blanks for Coralee's PURE POSITIVES clothing and totes. They have the whole life cycle of these products engineered from the beginning to end, as eco as they can possibly be today. They are award winning inventors and bring a way forward for sustainable fashion, not to forget their waste product Eco Art Prints either.

"Natural materials, renewable energy, low waste,

closed loop circular economy and plastic-free packaging"

  • We have changed e-shop providers, a time consuming migration of our of products, over to a different platform just to be able to work with Prodigi & their PWINTY Platform & Group, for manufacturing art products locally instead of shipping the finished item around the world. Prodigi is the leading, global print-on-demand platform, for top quality art products with over 50+ fine art drop-shipping labs around the world, a Fine Art Trade Guild approved printer.  We hope to have beautiful Art available soon in a waste free and as pollution free process as possible.

  • We are resellers for Beco Pet products. Carefully considered natural rubber, bamboo, hemp rope toys, & recycled plastic toys and pet accessories.


"Ethically made to the highest standards"  

These are just a few of the Manufactures we have carefully sourced to be a Coralee Trade Supplier.  We, also, have many more suppliers and products waiting in the pipe-line for us to catch up with our own ideals.​

Coralee ~ Where the Good Life Starts

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Coralee & Our Local Community

Paying it back, Paying it forward

One of our guiding principles is to support community in as many ways as is appropriate to our individual and unique calling.

We have planned from the offset to be able to support, Artists, Crafters and Photographers etc by bringing their creativity to an audience easily. Right from the beginning, we intended for Coralee's 'Shop' to be a place for start ups to be able to follow their passions without all the business, time consuming, techy side of things, or just for fun and company for OAPs, or a creative development for children or special needs adults, etc.

Having spent a good few years setting up such containers, platforms, and digital environments - we hope our next phase is just around the proverbial corner as in early, 2021, we bring our first crafter/seller collaborations on board. Eventually, one day we hope to provide bricks and mortar tranquil, light and settled environments for arts and crafts, self development or just plan sanctuary.

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Plant a Tree With Coralee
  • Every month the collaboration between Coralee's unique designs/sales efforts, and our Manufacturer's donations from their profits go to new tree planting and plastic pollution clear-up/recycling - supporting regeneration of ecology and providing paid work for people affected by these deterioration areas around the world. Check out our PURE POSITIVES BLOGS for Plant a Tree With Coralee   &   Clean the Sea with Coralee

  • In 2020 we registered with UKCOFFEEWEEK in order to join forces for their Charity project. Now in its10th year, U.K. Coffee Week, a charitable initiative bringing together the coffee industry, coffee lovers, and a host of brands, have fun raising funds for the charity PROJECT WATERFALL (Delivery partner is WaterAid) – bringing clean water, sanitation, and education to coffee-growing communities.  Our product Collections throughout the Coralee Group, that are Coffee themed or include extracts or derivatives from coffee, generate profits that we pass back to the coffee communities. We hope to enjoy this partnership for many years and increase our donations exponentially.

  • January, 2021, saw us uploading our first SENDABOOK collection on Coralee's Emporium. We were given a couple of bags of preloved books and we were going to choose what we wanted and pass on to the charity shops. Again (due to the situation we don't mention), the charities were closed. Also, in our area the library's, already on threat of closure permanently, were closed also. So we thought wed upload like our Choose2Reuse collection. but we thought about this a little more and decided we would set this up as a scheme we intend to grow. We charge a little for our packaging & time.  and our customer pay for Postage to send on to be read, kept, past on or perhaps even returned to us, by sending a, STILL LOVABLE, USED BOOK to someone they think may appreciate the company of a good book, or support a family through their children's Home Learning.

  • We love it when a plan comes together - when a rendezvous works... When we bought a blanket knitted by a crafter we didn't know at the time it was a community affair, knitted by a group of local ladies, with all money going to a charity close to our hearts, we thought we'd hit the jack pot.  When we told them we wanted to sell it on line with details of their group and the charities - they were thrilled.  Check out our philosophy in action, here. Coralee's Charity Blanket

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Meanwhile, if we can support the Global Community NOW, with Right Action, we will.

Coralee ~ Where the Good Life Starts