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N.B. While we migrate our Emporium Products from one e-commerce platform to another,

we are switching on each Collection as they become ready.

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You will see the Menu headers

They all have products behind them but aren't new-platform ready.

Here's the new URL link for www.coraleesemporium.co.uk 

We are Live with our first new format Collections 

To be informed of new collections come back here to be notified

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Existing Shoppers will have to set up new accounts - existing discount levels will be honoured.

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A few of Coralee's Emporium Products

Meanwhile if you are new to Coralee's Emporium,

below is a brief overview of the type of products that we can't wait to bring to you,

as soon as our store is running in the new platform.

Local Artisan Gifts & Crafts |Gem Jewellery | Crystals, Stones & Fossils |

 Eco Products for your Home & Garden | Organic Pet Food & Eco Pet Supplies |

 "Still Lovable" Up-cycled & Reused items

A quick word from us re the current global situation.

Stay as calm as you can during these times,

as that allows your immune system to switch on and do its job. 

We suggest you do a little something, that's fun or creative, get a bit of safe sun each day,

breath some deeps breaths for a while.

Much Love, The Coralee Team