Christmas Gift Giving Update

Hi there, Coralee Folks,

The intensity of this 2020 year is building up more so than the usual season madness. I blame that on the epic astronomical, no really, conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, who along with Pluto have been playing games with our contraction and expansion energies for the last 2 1/2 years and will carry on to do so for some time yet. The convergence of these planets, closing in on each other, has had our philosophies about our freedom, way of life, interdependence with each other, and what we believe our foreigners, neighbours and families are to us. A torch of truth has been shone on what freedom means and what we want from our individual, group and world evolution.

So while that change goes on, keep up that deep breathing. Stop and remind yourself you are in charge of your own thoughts, noone elses, even if that seems difficult to do. Decide to make the best of what's currently on offer, and decide what you want to create that's better for you and your loved ones in the future. The Universe is based on the law of attraction and repulsion and the law of accepting and allowing. No assertion is operating. We either allow it by our focus of it or we focus on something else and allow that. So at least there is that choice.

If you aren't all organised and uptogther with the gift giving season yet, don't beat yourself up about it. Make the right call for your own sanity. Can you afford the time, effort, money, to give this year? Or will it decrease your vitality. If you can, does it have to be as much. Or if you can, do you want to make a worldly difference and shop simpler or green, ethical, and sustainable? Always fill your own cup first so you have something to give. Don't get in the pit you are trying to help others out of. Nurture yourself and you won't feel bitter by giving. Choose the more vital path rather than expected one. What you think is a disaster might be just a chunk of the puzzle you requested, moving into place.

So anyways, with that said, here a few of our suggestions that you may want to check out, before last order dates and last delivery date are upon us, for the Christmas holidays, if they are of any support to you.

  • This Friday 11th, Saturday 12th, , Sunday 13th our PURE POSITIVES has it's SOCKTASTIC SOCKY FEST!

FREE Soft bamboo socks for every order over £15.

N.B. Printing and orders are uptodate for our organic clothing, totes and art prints but stick to before or the last order dates, shown on the website banner to allow for delivery times .

Our events calender, also, has these last dates posted. Calendar is always available at

😍 We have just uploaded a men's and women’s version of the no print crewneck sweater. Various colours and sizes available. Find these via the CLEAN LIVING Collection under the Men or Women menu.

We have put some wonderful festive designs on our Totes, in case you want to use these as ECO Christmas sacks for gift giving. You will find these under the Seasonal Menu As with all our Totes, we have priced them individually and as bundles - at just about cost to encourage their use.

  • Over at Coralee’s EMPORIUM we are gradually getting products to ”live” state on the new online platform. With old tech breaking down or not being supported anymore or dying altogether, it's been frustratingly slow to say the least. And that's before life’s other distractions. So we are going with flow and following a soft launch on this store.

If you'd like to check out our COLLECTIONS on the Emporium home page and set up an account, for the new year, if you haven't already done so, we will honour discounts from the previous emporium, you can get familiar with our shop store set up. Menus are live but seem empty. We hope 2021 will see these populated quickly. We are very excited with what we have planned for this shop.

  • Last, but definitely not least, for this blog Nickie’s TROPIC SHOP has some wonderful, beautiful, special, (can't say enough about these products in general), Christmas Gift Sets and, of course, the usual favorites. These products are so well packaged you can put them straight on or under the tree or pop them in a PURE POSITIVE Festive Tote. * Please, please, please remember to type in Nickie Ashton in the Ambassador box, at check out so that she can receive her commission for sales of any Tropic Products.

In case, we don't make another ”before Christmas” blog post,

We look forward to receiving orders for gifts and goodies today, tomorrow or in the new year, just remember do what's right for you and your family above the comercialism of the season.

Coralee Group wishes you all,

spontaneous moments of calm,

unexpected good cheer,

and sudden appreciation for the riches that you do have

in whatever form or value that is for you.

Much love, light and plenty of laughter,

Louise, Hollie & Nickie

Coralee Group

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