30th, 31st October & 1st November. 🚚

Starting 9am Today Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday until Midnight,

Our delivery discount is automatically applied.

You could save the money or use to buy an eco print for your home or office (or home-office, post new world order).

* Europe and International orders can be shipped free too.

Check out the full details on our website homepage news-pods.

We hope you are all looking after yourselves and if working from home, giving yourself the needed mind/body breaks: Think of sunshine; prepave your vit D3 stock; have a dance break; remember water is a drink between the hot coffee or teas.

This month we have been having a shuffle around on the Pure Positives Website. Hollie did the tech. end and added new pages and connected menus. I then created new Collections and added in their products. We hope this has made the website more user friendly.

We have been adding new styles, colourways and this week hope to add another Christmas themed design.

Let us know what you think.


Hollie & Louise 🥰🙏🏻



We are trying out all the communication tools in this app, so if anyone wants to yay or nay what you are receiving, that will help us deliver what you’d like to receive. Xx

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