10% of the pet box's profits help animals in need at our sanctuary!

~ Subscriptions Boxes ~

Your Subscription Boxes are Awaiting! 

Currently, we have organic food sub-boxes for your cat or dog:- Alu dishes; Canned; Dry food and treats to arrive weekly! 
Yarrah pet food is fresh, pure, healthy and could be the best thing you’ll ever do for your four-legged friend!
It’s natural, sustainable and involves no animal testing.

~ How It Works ~

dog food

1. Food Details

Click below for info of Cat and Dog Food 

2. Choose a Box

We are starting with cat and dog food sub-boxes (currently boxes will be purchased separately, but can be sent together)

3. Pick out Food

Pick out what organic food and treats your pets might like. 

4. Enjoy!

Receive your parcel in the mail and let your furry friend enjoy it! 

~ Subscriptions Boxes ~

Organic Dog Food Box Subscription

Organic Cat Food Box Subscription

Coming Soon!

Thanks for submitting!

Check Out Our Blog!

We are putting together ideas of other sub boxes, though for now we have a few pet ones. We are going to be updating the blog with everything that is going on so if you want to be in the loop please check it out. xx

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