Organic food for cats and dogs

Our pet food is fresh, pure, healthy and the best thing you’ll every do for your four-legged friend! It’s natural, sustainable and involves no animal testing.

Better for your pet, better for all animals.

About Yarrah

We are the first and only pet food producer in the Netherlands whose product range is entirely organic. Since 1992, we have worked exclusively with chickens, cattle and turkeys who have lived a better life. We never work with factory-farmed animals or fattened chickens.

Why go organic?

Simple. Organic is 100% pure and optimally healthy. We'd gone fully natural before the rest had even heard the organic! Yarrah was founded out of disaffection with the abuses in the pet-food market. To us, being organic isn't a fad: its a conscious choice to make the world a better place for animals.


A better world starts with you

We source our ingredients ourselves from like-minded farmers and livestock breeders who also want to make the world a better place. Although it’s good to trust people, inspection remains necessary! Therefore, Yarrah’s quality manager visits all suppliers in person to ensure that the animals truly live a better life.

No chemicals or GM ingredients

It probably goes without saying, but just to be sure: every Yarrah product is 100% free of chemical antioxidants, artificial aromas, colourings and flavourings, refined sugars and genetically modified ingredients. Even the animals that are processed into our pet food eat nothing but organic feed unsullied by any kind of pesticide.

Better for all animals

Yarrah is not only better for your little animal, it’s better for all animals. Even the animals processed into our pet food live a better life. It is important that they are given both time and space to live their lives both inside and out. Respect is the key word. Are we truly doing things better? The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals certainly thinks so, as in 2015, we became the only pet-food producer to be awarded their Better Life Quality Mark. And of course, we got the maximum three-star rating!

No lab animals

We do not keep cats and dogs in order to test our new products. When we want to bring a new product to market, we ask their owners if their pet would like to try it. If the cats or dogs like it and if it truly adds something to our product range, then it is launched on the market.